The Friday Lab

Futures strategy

Organisational life as we know it has fundamentally changed. Conventional approaches to business planning and strategy development have outlived their usefulness.  So, how can we escape the tyranny of 'planning for planning sake'? How can we use our insights about the future to make more informed and robust decisions in the present? How can we stay relevant now and into the future? How can we ensure our actions today aren’t simply a projection of yesterday? Or, aren’t simply a mirroring of every other organisation in our industry? (We call this ‘used/borrowed futures’).

Foresight infused strategy!

Herein is the entry point for the use of strategic foresight during any planning or strategy activity.  It's the thinking before the doing - strategic 'thinking', before the strategic 'planning'. It's the critical questions that help ask: Who are we now? What's happening right now? How might our future business/workforce/customers/environment be different? Who are we then and are we still relevant? What are our preferred strategic options to succeed in these environments? What decisions do we need to make today about our business and our workforce? And, how might we manage the interplay between the present and our preferred future?

These questions, which we see as critical components of any 21st-century business armoury, are at the core of our approach to business and workforce strategy - an approach that balances the thinking with the doing. We design and deliver bespoke (ALWAYS, no 'cut and paste' approaches here), strategic foresight and strategy development workshops covering a breadth of activities such as visioning, scanning, scenario thinking and planning, backcasting and strategy prioritisation. We also bookend strategy workshops with strategic workforce considerations. For us, we think this is one of the most significant gaps in the way organisations plan for the future. Without the requisite workforce today and tomorrow our visions and plans for the future remain just that, vision and plans. 

We've run workshops that cover the entire strategic 'thinking' and planning process, as well as one-off workshops that can be tailored to fit seamlessly with your current organisation context and process.