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Welcome to the Hack Futures Podcast!👋


Western civilisation is amidst a multiplicity of overlapping global challenges. We are nearing critical points simultaneously on many fronts. We need action, action that moves beyond the seductive, yet sedative space of critiquing and protesting the present. Action that challenges the current technocratic (‘pop’) future conversations that dominate and perpetuate what has become our ‘officially sanctioned’ future. Action that widens human choices about the future. And action that creates the conditions for a transition from where we are today, to where we prefer to be tomorrow.

But can we, as mere everyday citizens change the world? Can we be vanguards of change? We think we can, even if a little.

To us, there are new futures stories that require telling. These are the alternative stories of the future that we think will ignite the transformation of humanity. New stories of who we are and who we can be. Stories that are more satisfying than conventional institutionalised discourse of ‘the (single) future’. We want to reclaim and claim our cultural agency and challenge the grammar of what is possible.

We think Hack Futures (the podcast), is a means to tell these stories.


Welcome to Hack Futures, a podcast where the future(s) and present collide.

Hosted by Futurist Reanna Browne and friends, we share the extraordinary stories and ideas of everyday humans, with the principal aim of ‘hacking the future’ and challenging the grammar of what is possible. We think our role through Hack Futures is to become neither players or counter plays, we instead, want to engage in an entirely different game (and story) altogether. One that is concerned with building an alternative world.

We want to challenge the hegemonic views of ‘the’ future. We take a dissenting stance against the entrenched position of the current futures orthodoxy. We see no value in perpetuating the normative and conventional (typically capitalist and technocratic) images of the future (a single future mind you) that often dominates and colonises much our futures discourse.

 With Hack Futures, we’re aiming to:

·      ask more elegant questions of the present (and of our ideas and images of ’the future’).

 ·      use the art of storytelling to guide conversations that ‘hack’ the cultural coding that determines our ‘ways of knowing’. In doing so, we attempt to ‘insert new code’ into our futures discourse, generating alternative narratives, images and visions of the future. 

·      broaden our capacity to act in the present, broaden our field of action and of what might or could be.

·      advocate and elevate other voices and other ‘ways of knowing’ as a means to challenge the grammar of what is and what is possible.

 Hack Futures is not trying to be anything other than it is, a bunch of conversations that follow a path of maximal interestingness, asking elegant questions of the present along the way. We hold strong opinions loosely and invite ‘many ways of knowing and thinking’. There is no order to Hack Futures, we trust emergence and record and share the stories of many on a frequently infrequent basis.

 We share these stories for other future hackers with the hope of inciting conversations about the future that we aren’t having, broadening our capacity to act in the present, and creating a more just and inclusive world.

 First episodes set to drop in Feb 2019!

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Hack Futures Podcast

by The Friday Lab and friends
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