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Welcome to the Hack Futures blog. A space where we 'hack' the future to challenge what is possible.

'Hack Futures'

Welcome to Hack Futures, the BLOG where the future and philosophy collide. Written by Futurist Reanna Browne and friends, we share the insights, advice and stories and ideas of others with the principal aim of ‘hacking the future’ and challenging the grammar of what is possible.

A blog that is dramatically different to the current techno futures that dominate, we look to ‘hack’ into the cultural coding that determines how we think, relate, understand, sense-make, empathise, act, love, fear and hope. Hack Futures (blog and podcast) is not trying to be anything other than it is, a bunch of conversations and reflections that follow a path of maximal interestingness, asking elegant questions of the present along the way. We hold strong opinions loosely and invite ‘many ways of knowing and thinking’. There is no order to the Hack Futures blog, we ‘trust emergence’ and think, write and share insights on a frequently infrequent basis.  


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Healthcare service delivery 2030 – ‘The times they are a changin’

What might healthcare service delivery look like in 2030? It’s a complex question that I’ve spent some time unpacking recently through a formal horizon scanning process. Here’s an excerpt of the background and summary from the scanning report: “The patient will see you now.”

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