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Futures Intelligence

As humans, we typically harbour a dislike for the abstract and have a natural tendency to look for instances that confirm our story and our vision of the world. The result? Plans, strategies, products or services that are designed based on a range of assumptions about the future (our 'normative futures').  But, how can we know whether the decisions we are making today are aligned with what 'might' emerge? What are we assuming will happen based on the vantage point of today? And what opportunities are we missing by not 'seeing' beyond our story and vision of the world? 


Understanding trends and emerging issues through the lens of today is an important input into any strategic decisions made in the present. As an intelligence gathering exercise, horizon scanning helps to lift our gaze to see 'whats happening out there and then', so that we can make better decisions 'in here and NOW'.  We've worked with organisations to develop horizon scanning reports and keynotes as either part of a broader strategic planning process, or as a one-off strategic intelligence piece. For our most recent scanning piece, check out our blog post for a brief summary of our report - 'Healthcare service delivery in 2030'


We also offer a customised monthly subscription 'scanning alerts' reports. An intelligence report that captures the relevant 'signals of change' and emerging opportunities and issues relevant to your industry and context. As an intelligence gathering exercise and an input into strategic decisions in the present, the scanning alert reports combine environmental scanning with analysis to identify emerging trends, issues and innovations and the potential impacts they may have on your industry and your organisation.

A systematic examination of the emerging trends and issues that may affect how your business is delivered, is a sound starting point to help build the necessary foundational knowledge to develop more insightful and robust business decisions in the present. Just as it is a sound starting point on the path to your preferred future. Instead of spending time reading the insights of yesterday, you can get ahead of the game with regular insights on what is emerging tomorrow.