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We work at the cross-section of foresight, strategy and design to help organisations think about (and design) tomorrow's business and workforce today. The depth of our work is vast and bespoke - it is ALWAYS designed to meet to the context of the organisation, its challenges and its unique operating environment.

Here's some of our work. 

Healthcare service delivery 2030 - a horizon scan

The challenge: 
Develop a horizon scan focused on the key trends and driving forces that may influence the delivery of healthcare services up to 2030. 

The real challenge:
As humans, we typically harbour a dislike for the abstract.
In doing so, we have a natural tendency to look for instances that confirm our story, how we understand the world and our vision of the world. As a result, we often ‘push’ away what doesn’t align with this vision or understanding. Thus, the challenge to undertake a horizon scan that considers and questions the current ‘normative’ (common) view of the future, and that balances the abstract with the concrete, empiricism with ‘other ways of knowing’ and future speculation with action in the present. 

Our response: 
Through purposeful design, we ensured that the current internal views of the future were captured and then challenged and that a breadth of sources of information (and people) in and outside the healthcare setting were included in the scanning research stages. We also recognised that speculation about the future without insights for action in the present can often be seen as less important than the current demands. We grounded the scan with examples in the present and also proposed a range of potential policy actions based on the Three Horizons Framework and our own action orientated framework - developing ‘Small (strategic) Bets in the Long Game’.

A link to a blog post on this work:

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