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We work at the cross-section of foresight, strategy and design to help organisations think about (and design) tomorrow's business and workforce today. The depth of our work is vast and bespoke - it is ALWAYS designed to meet to the context of the organisation, its challenges and its unique operating environment.

Here's some of our work. 

Designing a new (foresight and design driven) approach to workforce planning: BEYOND PREDICT, PROJECT AND CONTROL!

The context: 
The healthcare landscape is ripe with change. With this change, however, comes a spectre of increasingly complex workforce planning challenges that will likely require new and novel responses. Responses that can only be supported by a workforce planning ecosystem that helps facilitate innovation, that complements but also challenges the current approaches and that better accounts for what we don’t know rather than drawing on the existing workforce as a basis for the design of future models. 

The challenge:
Design an online workforce planning methodology supported by a suite of tools and resources.

The real challenge:
Questioning everything we know about the traditional approach to workforce planning, everything we know about the complex system in which it is applied, and everything we assumed about the experiences of those who lead workforce planning at the ground level in order to redesign the way we think about and undertake workforce planning. 

Our response: 
Embracing a genuine co-design approach we worked closely with internal staff to design and developed a novel and bespoke (online) workforce planning methodology underpinned by strategic foresight, systems thinking and design thinking. Perhaps the most critical element to this project was the recognition that designing a new methodology alone was not enough to drive the desired change in behaviour and adoption of the new approach. We also needed a way to tell a new story of workforce planning. To complement the new method and resources, a suite of videos were developed with new language and metaphors focused on the shift from the traditional workforce planning process and the shift in the way in which we think about (and plan for) the future. 

(Six-month project: Jan 2017 - May 2017).

Reanna Browne