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The Friday Lab entourage

We are futurists, strategists, planners, services designers, graphic designers, policy writers, artists, researchers, psychologists and entrepreneurs all bound by a deep curiosity that 'there must be a better way'.  We are a hybrid of things, insights and experiences who all share a deep sense of curiosity, an ability to connect concepts across disciplines, the courage to admit that we do not know it all, and a willingness to observe and learn from the wisdom of the humans around us. 

We are proud of our seemingly accidental, yet purposefully designed mash up of skills and life experiences. Most of today’s challenges are too complex to be solved by one specialised discipline or methodology (at least in our minds)!

How we work

We aren't your vanilla type 'consultants'. Our approach to working with people is decidedly different. We've all been in organisations where consultants come in and deliver a surface level product that 'looks' nice, but has little alignment to the context of the organisation, its challenges and its operating environment. The net result? An expensive document that no one ever really 'bought' into, with limited utility and impact, and no real substance. 

We've all been on the receiving end of this kind of experience. Hence, we prefer to co-design the work together (and we mean that genuinely, not co-design ‘theatre’). We're happy to do all of the work, but in doing so we recognise that the insights of those within the organisation are critical to any project success. We'd rather do fewer projects with fewer clients, so we can spend more time ensuring that we can achieve the greatest impact collectively. 

We've also designed our business model this way. Some of the most challenging periods in any project is typically after the consultant has already departed! We recognise this, and where possible look to work with clients on a retainer basis, to ensure that the you can access our support on an on-going basis.

We are The Friday Lab and we'd love for you to get in touch to find out more.